Programming Successful Children

Your Child Programming Can Make You Gain Weight. Did you know that most of your habits, traits and even beliefs are developed by the time you’re 12 years old? As a parent you’re responsible for most of them… What you teach them as children will become habits for life

Easy Weight Loss – No Pills Required

Lose Weight the Easy Way! Sit back, relax and lose from the inside out! Let’s face it losing weight can be a grueling tasks that we fight with day after day! But what if it didn’t have to be?  What if there were a way we could condition ourselves to lose weight so it became Read More

Free Hypnosis Script – Weight Loss Imagine Yourself Thin

Weight Loss – Imagine Yourself thin  By: Dennis Wilson, CHP Congratulations on your decision to take charge of your life and appearance. We’re going to form a picture now of the new you, vibrant, healthy, trim, and

Free Hypnosis Script – Weight Loss 2

Weight Loss II By Carl Welliver, CHP Today we begin a positive approach to obtaining a new slimmer, healthier, more attractive body that you desire. This is a change that you desire, and the reason you have come here today.

Free Hypnosis Script – Weight Loss 1

Weight Loss I By ASH Author Now take a deep breath … exhale … and relax … just allow everything to let go … you have no place else to be … nothing else to do … but just sit back, relax, and let go completely …