Six Ways to Make Money with Past Life Regression – Hypnosis Training Video

The Second Most FUN way to Make Money with Hypnosis Six Ways to Make a Huge Income with Past Life Regression (in this life) – Free Hypnosis Video Training from the American School of Hypnosis. Learn six ways including advertising methods and insider secrets to build a successful Past life Regression Business.

Free Hypnosis Script – Past Life Reporter

The Past Life Reporter By Douglas Allitt, CHP In a short while we’ll begin a most wonderful journey into your past … At all times you’ll be completely safe, secure and protected… From this moment forward you’ll view everything you see in the third person … You’ll be an impartial observer whose only job is Read More

Free Hypnosis Script – Past Life Regression Analytical Beach

Past Life Regression –  Analytical, Beach of Time By Eva Hegyi, CHP – (complete session) Close your eyes. I want you to imagine now that you are looking at a blackboard. On the blackboard imagine a circle. Into the circle write letter “A”. Now, erase the letter, and now erase the circle and now open Read More