1 HOUR Relaxation Music

1 Hour of the Most Relaxing Music for Meditation or Sleep. Use it for meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis sessions, massage, yoga, sleep, studying or anything you like. (Try version with rain inside)

I Can’t Be Hypnotized

Have You Had Clients Say They Couldn’t be Hypnotized? Here’s 3 reasons why people can’t be hypnotized and the TRUTH behind each. Learn how to hypnotize anyone with our free hypnosis training manual.

Mental and Emotional Fuel

How and Why to Feed Yourself Mentally What would happen to yourself physically if you never ate food? Even Your car won’t keep on running unless it has fuel. So what happens when you allow yourself to become “drained” emotionally and spiritually each day by being surrounded by negativity?

Free Hypnosis Script – Nail Biting II

Nail Biting II By Rene A. Bastarache, CI This is a free script for conducting hypnosis sessions You want your nails to look healthy and strong… You now realize that nail biting is just one of many ways that people deal with stress… it’s a thing of the past for you because you now have Read More

How the Sub Conscious Mind Stores Information

The Good, the Bad and the Neutral!   The Sub Conscious Mind is a Place of Storage It’s completely Neutral. It can store simultaneous events. Everything that you experience. Whether it’s right, wrong, good or bad. http://americanschoolofhypnosis.com/1-Recall-Information-from.mp3Podcast (building-a-habit): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Free Hypnosis Workshop-2

Finding your Niche – The Key to Success: 2 of 5 Podcast  By Rene A. Bastarache, CI This is an extension and ongoing training from our previous Podcast. We speak about options to starting an office that you may not have thought of; starting a niche practice and making sure it’s niche-enough. Figuring out how Read More

Free Hypnosis Script – Volleyball

Volleyball By Rene A. Bastarache, CI This script is intended for people who want to improve their volleyball game. The emphasis is on teamwork, rather than individual accomplishment.

Free Hypnosis Script – Power Negotiation

Power Negotiating (With family members or in business) By Rene A. Bastarache, CI You’re here today because you want to communicate and negotiate more effectively with people… and the way you’re going to do that is through understanding and patience… You realize that no two people have the exact same opinion on anything… Everyone has Read More

One of the Greatest Gifts Given to Man

A few days ago a friend posted the picture in this article on his Facebook page without adding a comment or tagline to it. Obviously it’s a futuristic bicycle but letting my imagination roam free here’s what I responded with to the post as well as the follow-up responses that were added. My comment: “It’s Read More

You’re in Hypnosis Now – 13 Ways We Experience Hypnosis Daily…

The purpose of this article is not to eliminate what is happening to you but rather to create awareness so you may be able to take control of it for positive means rather that allowing it to control you. The most commonly used definition of hypnosis is being opened to suggestion. Throughout your day you Read More

To Think or not to Think… That is the Question!

I heard this story the other day that I’d like to share with you that got me to thinking about how we follow what others say sometime so blindly that we don’t take the time to think for ourselves. The story was about a middle-aged couple who were sitting having breakfast together on a cold Read More

HYPNOSIS Will Make You BURN in Hell! Hypnosis Misconception

HYPNOSIS Will Make You BURN in Hell! Hypnosis and Religion is always a HOT topic! This video explains one of the many misconceptions we run into an a regular basis with clients and shows you how to overcome it. I’ve had many practitioners tell me they were going to set up office in a “Bible Read More

Hypnosis-Induced AMNESIA… Yikes! Short clip of a Theme Park Demonstration

Here’s a clip from a Comedy Hypnosis show I conducted at Funtown USA, a Theme-park in Maine I used to do comedy hypnosis at a while back. It featuring a skit on AMNESIA This young lady forgot the number Seven!  She was sure that she had ten fingers to start with but as hypnosis set Read More