Is Hypnosis Witchcraft – ASH Training Video

Could Hypnosis be Witchcraft or Against your Religion? A couple days ago my barber and I were talking about hypnosis and she hesitantly mentioned that she thought it was like witchcraft and it would possibly be against her religion to do that kind of thing.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to make Read More

You don’t have to be CRAZY to do Hypnosis but it Helps!

Q. Do you think feel people are going to think your crazy for starting a hypnosis business? Q. Have you had people not want to look you straight in the eyes once you told them you were a hypnotist? People are scared of the unknown and we’re in a relatively unknown field.  Learn a different Read More

HYPNOSIS Will Make You BURN in Hell! Hypnosis Misconception

HYPNOSIS Will Make You BURN in Hell! Hypnosis and Religion is always a HOT topic! This video explains one of the many misconceptions we run into an a regular basis with clients and shows you how to overcome it. I’ve had many practitioners tell me they were going to set up office in a “Bible Read More