Stop Fear Mind Hack

Quick Exercise to STOP Fear – Mind Hack #19 Two quick and easy ways to eliminate fear of the boss, bullies, x- spouse, children, meetings etc… The Cartoon and Sports Technique. Try it ans see you fear melt away. You may even laugh at it.

How to Eliminate Fear

How to Eliminate Fear or Pain – Live Exercise – Mind Hack #15 Let me take you through an actual exercise to eliminate fear or pain in only 5 minutes. Learn the effects of fear on the mind and how to control it at will. Share this exercise with your friends so they can benefit Read More

Eliminate FEAR Now

2 NLP Exercises – Boss, x wife/husband, Bullies, Public Speaking etc… This was one of our best videos in 2011 that we wanted to re-purpose and post again today.  It’s techniques are timeless and sure to be able to help many of you.  Enjoy! (building-a-habit): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android Read More

No-one Can Make You Feel Angry or Scared. It’s Your Programming

Have you ever gotten upset and found yourself saying, “It’s not my fault, she or he made me feel this way”? This is just one of the many excuses that we tell ourselves when the truth is “no one” can make you feel or do anything. “The way you respond to any event is totally Read More