I Can’t Be Hypnotized

Have You Had Clients Say They Couldn’t be Hypnotized? Here’s 3 reasons why people can’t be hypnotized and the TRUTH behind each. Learn how to hypnotize anyone with our free hypnosis training manual.

Mental and Emotional Fuel

How and Why to Feed Yourself Mentally What would happen to yourself physically if you never ate food? Even Your car won’t keep on running unless it has fuel. So what happens when you allow yourself to become “drained” emotionally and spiritually each day by being surrounded by negativity?

Join Our Hypnosis Mastermind Community

Sharing Advice, Expertise and Resources We’ve added a new group of benefits to the AIA called the Hypnosis Practitioner Mastermind Community. If you’ve felt like you were spinning your wheels and getting nowhere in your business then this should be an option for you. A “Mastermind Community” is a group of like-minded Entrepreneurs with the Read More